Online Audio Stream


I got XIBO client running on Windows, now i just want to add a internet streaming audio to it.
How can i add a stream in my layout?

If it can be embedded then you can add the code to the embed html module in Xibo and probably put it in a small region (since it’s audio only)

It’s audio only, and if it can not be embedded?

I have tried it with a jw-player stream but this was not working totaly.

I got the live streaming working with VLC and a embedded code.
But i have multiple Lay-outs, when xibo switch to a other layout de stream needs to buffer.
So you hear between switching layouts no sound.

Is it possible that de audiostream can be on top of all the lay-outs?

Disclaimer: it’s early here and I’m only half-way through my morning cup of coffee.

Here’s an idea that may work. Run a second instance of the Xibo Client on your media box. Adjust its screen position so that it doesn’t interfere with your primary instance. Schedule a layout with the music on the second instance. Set the duration of this layout to last all day long. If you need the music to stop and start or change at different times of the day, this might be a problem, since you can’t perfectly synchronise layouts between the two instances. But if you just want background music to run all day, or it doesn’t matter if it’s a few seconds off, then this might work.