On prem instance to a cloud instance

Hi , I am currently running a on-prem version of Xibo 1.8.13. It is a custom install running on a Windows 2012 R2 server. We currently have around 150 displays. I am looking to move to a cloud instance of xibo, guessing 3.3.6 would be best. Is there any documentation or someone I could talk too in regards to what steps I need to take to move our existing 1.8.13 instance to the cloud and upgrade to the latest, 3.3.6?

Thanks heaps

Hi Glenn - welcome back after a long time!

Are you considering Xibo’s own cloud offering? If so then you can open a ticket and someone will take you through it. If you go ahead all we need is a backup of your 1.8 database and CMS library folder.

If you’re looking at going your own way, then our recommendations in terms of the environment you choose are here: Supported Versions and Environments | Xibo Digital Signage, and upgrading instructions are here: Upgrading the CMS | Xibo Digital Signage.

Hi Dan, Yes we would be looking to move to Xibo’s own cloud offering, many thanks, I’ll submit a ticket

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