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Is there any Way to get the Old Layout Designer back. We have use xibo from one of the frist vision and i must say the new Layout Designer will never work with non it compatible people it is rely bad so if there no chance for roll back of Layout Designer wee will be force to find new platform. Right now we are force to go back to 1.8.12 but there is no future in this?
I am sure we are not the only one with new Layout Designer problems for normal non it users.


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Thank you for your post, we are currently making improvements to the Layout Designer based on user feedback received, which will be incorporated in our 2.3 release early next year.

Oh man I totally have the same problem. I have not upgraded our production instance to Xibo 2 yet specifically for this reason. I personally don’t think the new editor is bad–in fact I think it is more intuitive and user friendly. I appreciate all of the new features and I have certain clients that will appreciate the new designer. It is just wayyyyyy different.

In preparing to transition to Xibo 2, I had a few people volunteer to play around in a test system for a while. The learning curve from 1 to 2 is not linear at all with the layout designer; it’s like learning a brand new system.

I know we’re a bit far into 2 by now, but I think a good feature to encourage further upgrades would be a legacy mode option by user so people who support Xibo could ease users into the new editor and features.

We also rolled back to 1.8 version - Our hope was to get a real drag&drop editor, - the new 2.0 version can;t be used by our existing and even new users (even who has never worked with v1.8)

Any news about when will 2.3 be available?

I’m not upgrading to 2.x either. The way I design my layouts (with a lot of overlapping fullscreen layers) just doesn’t work as well.

What about having a choice in which editor you want to use?

We are aiming for an alpha of 2.3 for tomorrow.

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How lovely!! :smiley::smiley::smiley:
Thank you!:blush:

We have released the first developmental preview for the 2.3 version of Xibo which incorporates feedback received since the release of v2.

Please do take a look at the improvements that have been made, it would be great to hear your thoughts: Improved Layout Designer in 2.3.0-alpha

Many thanks for your continued support!

I’m sorry to say this, and I would also like to hear from in here?
My users who are not IT savvy, they will not use this new layout designer, they all love it on V1.8.13 all back notifications about the new layout designer are not good.
Is it only me that has this user problem?


I am sorry to hear that, we have taken onboard feedback from a multitude of users and have made tweaks to the v2 Layout Designer in an effort to address points raised. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate as to what in particular is troublesome for your users in the v2 Layout Designer?

Many thanks!

I’m afraid to say we’ve also had issues with the new layout designer and much preferred the arrangement in 1.8 . Haven’t had a chance to evaluate your new Beta version, so not sure what’s different about it.

Essentially in our case we may have a region with say 8 or 9 videos or more in a sequence, to add a video somewhere into this sequence we have to scroll left to right to figure out where to insert the video, similar if you wanted to delete one. It was a lot easier in the previous designer to call up the list vertically especially if each video has a rather long descriptive name and just drag up/down to change the order or delete/insert.

While it is useful to see how all the regions interact on a left to right timeline, this isn’t a requirement in our case and being able to just edit the timeline for one individual region as a vertical list was much easier.

The playlist feature sort of gives us this functionality, so we do sort of have a workaround, so thank you for that useful feature which certainly makes things easier where the same region sequence is used in multiple layouts.

***** From the screen dumps it seems your alpha has reintroduced this feature. Thank you ****

Also had problems getting my head around the checkout/publish methodlogy. Once you’ve set a layout to checkout and started editing there appears to be no way to revert/undo changes , or uncheckout the layout, you are forced to publish.

**** it seems there is a discard option - I just can’t seem to find it ****

Hope that helps, not sure how this fits with others experiences.

Jeremy (bullfrog)

Thank you for taking the time to feedback.
Indeed our alpha includes an alternative view for the timeline of Regions which works the same as Playlists and gives users the option to work with the timeline vertically as in 1.8.

There is a Discard option that will allow you to revert your changes and return to the previously Published version. This is located on the row menu for the Layout:

I have spoken with the dev team regarding this and they have agreed it would be beneficial to include a ‘Discard’ option that is more easily accessible from the Layout Designer. We aim to have that available for the beta which we hope to have out sometime next week.

Once released please do take a look, it would be great to get some feedback on the changes we have made :+1:

Thank you for taking the time to get back to me. Yes I was looking in the Layout designer for the discard option, so that explains that.

Looking forward to seeing the next beta version.


Is this Timeline option available? I’m using Version 2.3.3 and don’t see an option for it


Hi Tony, yes it is :slight_smile:

When you are in the Layout Designer click on the Menu icon for the Region you want to work with from the Timeline:
Which will open the alternative view:

OK, got it, thank you :slight_smile:

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We have Bin testing 2.2.3 but we have to many errors and to slow.
We still running v 1.8 and it is working.
We do not use docker and our server setup will not be Abel to run it.

We still hoping Xibo will come out with good working version…

Cheers jimmy

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