Old Launchpad answers community

Is there any archive of the old Launchpad answers? There was a wealth of information there, and I could almost always find an answer to my specific questions. Maybe I’m wrong but it seems like it was all lost in the transition to github.

Unfortunately there wasn’t any sane way to keep it open and prevent people from posting new questions - we therefore shut it down entirely (better its gone than people ask questions there and done get an answer).

We’ve build up a fair wealth of Q&A on here since then, but if you don’t find what you want please just ask again.

It’s all still there actually - although as Dan says to prevent people posting new stuff Launchpad just hides the post index pages etc.

If you want to search it, then you can do so by appending the following to your Google search term



display not updating site:answers.launchpad.net/xibo

However, keep in mind nothing has been posted there since around 1.6 came out so all the information contained therein will be out of date. Much better to search here for up to date information.