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Ubuntu 18.04


I moved from google to Office365 to manage my domain and mails. I have a brand new mail account to send mails notifications.
It’s working on a scan2mail machine and aother app.
I set the conf.env to send mails with the same account. It still to not working.
Port 587 is alraedy open on the firewall.

Is anybody got an exemple of conf.env with outlook account settings it could help.

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Did you also enabled smtp (connector) within O365 admin portal?

Yes. All is ticked in O365 portal: SMTP, IMAP… ;).
Is anyone know if we could have logs or mail testing ?
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Philippe Réaud
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All O365 mails settings clients has been activated. But it still not working.

Is there anybody using O365 to send mail from xibo ?

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HI Philippe_Reaurd.

I don’t have an Office 365 setup available to test with, but what you will need are the details for the SMTP server that Microsoft makes available to you to send email.

You will need to add that to your config.env file, and then recreate the cms-web container to have that take effect. This document should help you to find the information you need to set this up.

Many Thanks.