Number of people who viewed a specific screen

A very important feature for any digital signage solution is to know the number of people who have actually viewed the screen. With this feature we can have an additional analytics to know exactly how many people viewed the weather screen, any specific information… It can be captured using a simple web camera connected to the android app.

This will help a lot in analytics and overall growth of XIBO.


pretty, but… how to convert people(s) in front of a camera in data? And when the screen is located in another town?

There are libraries to do that:

In some countries that kind of thing is illegal though so it would have to be able to be completely disabled.

Can we integrate this with our Android App?

Based on the country we can enable / disable use… Cause I am sure there are many more countries where this is legal and very important for analytics

It’s logged as a feature request so it’ll be reviewed for possible inclusion going forwards.

Hey Alex,

Thanks a lot! Is it possible to accelerate the development by donating some amount?

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If you’d like to open a ticket over at Spring Signage we can discuss that.

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Idea is not forgotten

link to GitHub:

This week I was on the national fair of digital signalização.

I met a very interesting product, and saw that most market solutions are including this feature on their tools …

Integration with IP Webcam or USB to account for viewing content, age analysis, sex, etc.

Follow the link for a complementary product that met:


Don’t mean to revive an old topic, but better this than start a new one.

If one wanted to create this ourselves… how would we go about integrating it with Xibo?

Technically if you know how to implement it, then you’d fork correct branch (most likely develop), implement the work and the submit your commit referencing the issue number on GitHub ie xibosignage/xibo#50 in this case.

Then we will need to review your code and most likely have a discussion about it, which may result in some further changes to the code if needed.

There are more guidelines linked here