NTLM for RSS feed: Images?

Dear all,

we are using XIBO to display data from different sources (remote datasets, local datasets, RSS feeds). Now, I’d like to include some RSS feed (with images) which has been generated by Sharepoint. However, Sharepoint needs an NTLM authentication. This method is available for remote datasets and for displaying whole webpages as far as I understand, but not for RSS feeds?

Is there any possibility to display the data of such an RSS feed? In principle, writing a PHP based wrapper is not the problem (which authenticates and delivers the feed, i.e. xml/rss to XIBO), however, parsing all image URLs out of the RSS and accessing these could be troublesome as the image download is normally done directly by XIBO…

So: Anybody who already did this and can give me some hint on how to proceed without fiddling around too much with PHP?

Thank you in advance, best regards

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