Notification Widget - Marquee Feature

Hi ! today you can only change the transitions between the differents notifications, but sometimes it’s useful if you configure the individual notifications transitions, and specialy the marquee one, in that way the administrator doesn’t need to think in the space of his layout, or limit his notification message. The marquee feature is already done in the Text Widget, if more people think this will be a good feature maybe is not a large effort to implement.

What do you think about this ?

Thanks for all your work in this huge project

Just to clarify, are you requesting that the Marquee effect is added to the Configuration options of the Notification Widget?

Hi Natasha ! Thanks for your concern about my post. That’s correct ! I think it will be more useful in that way , the admin doesn’t need to think or measure if his message fit into the layout. What do you think about this possible feature ?

Thanks !

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