Not working cascade permission

Hi, i have xibo 1.8.6 and i need to give permission for several layouts and all the elements within them (especially media). I’m trying to do it but users do not have access to the media, i have the cascading permission checkbox activated. what am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Cascade only grants permissions on the items that live below the Layout - i.e. Regions, Playlists and Widgets. It will not give permissions on Library media that might have been updated.

It would give permission to edit the Widget and but not the associated Library item.

I can see the logic… Maybe there could be an option to assign permissions to several media at once? (I had to do it one by one for my clients).

Anyway, thanks and sorry my english…

A multi-select on permissions (and some other things) is already in as a feature request :+1:

Your English is perfect :smile: