Not work forecast ıo module with another language

Hi, I add a new language translatıon in …\xibo-cms-1.7.3\forecast-io-translations-master. when I create new layout and add forecast ıo on it, forecast ıo doesn’t work.but it work with english. I use for translatıon.


I don’t believe we ship a forecast-io-translations-master folder/file with the CMS so what is causing that file to even be considered?

I want to add new language forecast ıo. “” I did this link and then what can I do ? I put new language and its test in \xibo-cms-1.7.3\forecast-io-translations-master on server.

also, I add new language in supportedlanguage function forecastio.module.php

I understand what you want to do, but I don’t think just adding a file there will make any difference.

I don’t know how to make it do what you want I’m afraid.

The forecast-io-translations project is intended for people to help Forecast.IO translate their API. The file you have created needs to be contributed to the project team (and of course meet whatever criteria they have for accepting contributions).

I think this is all explained in the initial text in your link.