NOOB Question about layout cycling

Guessing this is a CMS question. I am creating my first layout. I have the weather, a clock, three camera on the screen. This was not too hard. Here is the fun part, I would like 4 calendars on the screen, but have them come up one at a time over each other.

Question, how do I do this? Do I simply put all 4 calendars in the same place with durations on them, or do I need to put another “box” that contains the 4 calendars to be cycled?

Sorry for the really NOOB question, but totally stumped here.

Sorry about that I was going to mention if you had 4 different calendars, you can put them into their own playlist and then add that playlist to your layout. The caveat is to show all 4 you would need the layout to be at least the duration of the total duration of the 4 calendars.


Wow, that is an AWESOME answer. I do need to use a play list, and from what you say, the last lists start when the layout starts. (ie playlist always start at item 1 when the layout starts).

That helps a lot actually. I will create the play list and see how everything goes.

Good stuff. Playlists in xibo are quite powerful. Ive found them to be a good way to manage frequency of plays. If you build your playlist outside of the layout designer, then add the playlist widget to your layout, you’re presented with the option of selecting which playlist you want to use, with additional playback parameters. Personally I like that way of handling scheduling because I can then manage the content that is played back without having to edit the layout every time .

Unfortunately, you can no longer do this in version 4.
In this case, you need to add a playlist to the layout, and in this playlist, add the “playlist” widget so that you can select an independently created playlist.

I think you might have misread what I wrote.