None of the Layouts I created are playing even though they are fully populated

I recently fresh installed xibo 1.7.4, I created a couple of layouts for the different sections which are to show different material and fully populated one of the layouts , but none of the layouts are playing and are all saying they are invalid and cannot be scheduled. I am fairly new to Xibo and am not sure what I am doing wrong, please help!!!

Perhaps you have some empty regions? (one region is added when you create new layout)

I only have two regions configured including the one the comes with the new region, one only has still images and the other one i configured only the clock to show in attempt to keep it simple plus all those modules are verified.

Ok, that’s a bit strange, could you perhaps export your layout so we can see it in our test environment?
You can upload it to dropbox/similar and give us a link, you can it to me via pm if you don’t want to post it here.

alternatively please give me a shout on my email address which I assume you can view from my account.

Thanks alot Peter, there was in fact a third well-hidden region in the top right corner that I just deleted. Once again, thanks alot.

You’re welcome.
If anyone wonders, it was sort out via emails, now it’s all good :smile: