No video playback


I’ve just installed Xibo for WebOS (v3 R306) with Xibo self hosted version 3.0.6, but when I put in the timeline several slides and then a video, the screen freezes in the last image before the video.

Is it a bug?


Hi dgarciaa, welcome to the community!

Your message is identical to a ticket we received on the help desk, which I believe was created by you. I replied to your message with a new firmware for the display model I believe you are using. Please can you reply to my ticket response to your ticket and confirm if the model I mention is correct and if the firmware I provided resolves your issue?

Many Thanks.

This is a follow up to confirm that the video playback issue was resolved with a firmware upgrade. Please note that webOS 6 displays have a known issue with video playback when running firmware older than 03.24.90. Upgrading to the latest firmware should resolve that issue (03.25.50 at the time of writing this message).

Many Thanks.

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