No translation for "Always / Custom" in adding an event


When adding an event, the field Dayparting has two standard choices: Always or Custom, these terms cannot be translated.

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Hi evaret,

Are you using Docker install ? If not, simply connect to your database. If you are using Docker then launch a bash shell in your container.
To do so, do docker ps to list the name of your xibo-cms image. Once you got the list do docker exec -ti the_real_name_of_the_image_in_your_system bash and connect to your database : mysql -u cms -p cms (the password is in your config.env file, if you don’t know it just open another terminal and go get it).

Once connected to the db :
UPDATE daypart SET name=‘your translation for custom’ WHERE dayPartId=1;
UPDATE daypart SET name=‘your translation for always’ WHERE dayPartId=2;

and while you’re here, don’t forget the descriptions :
UPDATE daypart SET description=‘your description for custom’ WHERE dayPartId=1;
UPDATE daypart SET description=‘your description for always’ WHERE dayPartId=2;

exit the db and exit the container.

MEGA WARNING : don’t mess around with the db, you might break it.

Hello Dagonix,

Yes, we use Docker, Your solution works fine but will it not be affected by the updates ?
I prefer a solution with the translation file, is that something for a feature request ?


Since these strings are in the database, not in the CMS itself, you won’t lose them through upgrades. They will remain the same as long as you keep the same database.
They are not in the translation files.
The same way you did, you can translate the userType too, the module names, the transitions and other things.
Once you’re connected to the database, do SHOW TABLES; and have a look at their content SELECT * FROM theNameOfTheTable;
Then update the strings the same way you did with the dayparting.
Just be extremely careful if what you do, read twice before entering the updates and do backups ! :wink:

That’s a good idea, I use PHP- admin to investigate. Some names are not that important to translate,they are usually not seen by the end-users, like UserType. BTW, the module names and transition names are well being translated by the system.