No Time Change, Just a Media Change

We use Magicnet now and I am trying to use Xibo the same way. We have a scheduled repeating time once a day, the software reloads the PowerPoint file and sends it to the display to be shown. We never alter the schedule just update the power point file to be shown the next day.
Can this be done with Xibo without having to re-upload the file and re-schedule each day?


Schedule the layout from now until a date in the future - say today next year.

Then simply edit your layout when you want to update the PowerPoint file. Go in to the region, edit the PowerPoint item and upload the new version. The Players with that layout scheduled will then update on their next collection interval.

No need to change the schedule at all.

What creates the next collection interval?
Do I need a start date and end date with a repeat action?

The Players connect to the server every collection interval. How often that happens is defined in the Display Settings Profile you’ve assigned to the Player in the CMS. It defaults to every 15 minutes.

You don’t need any repeats if you want the layout to show without a break from one date to another.