No Proof Of Play Section under Reporting menu

Hello everyone;we do not have proof of play section under the reporting menu.the version that written under de user and password region is 1.7.9.we have also another dashboard which is version 2.8.4.we can see clearly proof of play we can make enable proof of play at version 1.7.9.thanks

In version 1.7 Proof of Play capabilities can be found under the ‘Displays’ section, labelled ‘Statistics’

Thank you for your answer.but when we click statistics,no data avaliable unders statics.even if we choose the display and layout.we also clicked enable statics button.What could be the problerm?sorry,we could not attach screenshot because the dashboard is unavaliable from our network

Please take a look at the Proof of Page manual page in particular the ‘Completed records’ section. If you are still experiencing issues with completed records then please do come back to us with further information.

Thank you

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Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face: