No fullscreen video in a region

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v2 R257


We have set 4 regions in 1 layout. in the layout I have added a video with the option full screen, well the full screen is not working.
Looks like the same bug which has been resolved in april 2020. Show full screen option in Video Widgets not working · Issue #122 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub

Provide screenshots where possible!

Hi Vishal_Debipersad.

your message sounds very similar to one I received on the Xibo helpdesk yesterday. After testing the full screen option for the video widget an issue was indeed discovered.
This has been reported to the developers who will prepare a fix for a future release of the player. Below is a link to the issue report, in case you, or any other Xibo users would like to track its progress:

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

It was my ticket… After I asked here on the forum, my second voice inside my head reminded me that we have a official support channel available HAHA.

I have seen your reply and will test this later this evening! I will reply back via DM.

Thanks for confirming it is indeed yourself that opened the ticket :slight_smile:

Sounds great, I’ll wait to hear from you via DM regarding the proposed fix.

Many Thanks.

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