No errors but not working

I have a display that I have been struggling with all morning.

Whenever I try to get it to display a layout that has a text widget in it, it does not work. Other elements might show, but not the text. If I have a layout that has just an image or two in it, then it will display fine. However once I add a text widget, the display either shows only the image, or doesn’t show the layout at all.

I am not seeing this issue on any of my other screens.

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Try rebuilding fonts and then click to Verify All to see if that clears your issue?

I have tried that and at the moment I can see one of my signs with the text flickering in an out, but I will keep an eye over the next week or so to see if there is any improvement.

So the issue just appears to be moving from screen to screen. I have rebuilt the fonts and verified my modules, but it has made no difference.

I am guessing that issue is on a windows player which is running an Intel processor ?

They are window machines with Intel processor driven NUC devices. However I am also having this issue on one of our screens which is running android.

With windows NUC be aware the issue could be in the Video driver which needs to support the CEFsharp webview. (search in this forum for the workarounds)

with android it could be the issue that you are using a lot of regions which contains dynamic objects.
What you could try is to turn off Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering? from your display settings

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