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There is no content streaming from Xibo CMS installed on local host. Screenshots of the player status are attached. It is looks like an issue related to the folder where the library content is saved.

I appreciate your help to fixing this problem.

Hi amaxco,

Initially I can see from your status page that the player is missing dependencies.

Please can you try clearing the cache on the player? You can do this by clicking on the Row Menu entry for the player on the Displays page of the CMS, then click on Edit, go to the Advanced Tab, tick the ‘Clear Cached Data’ box, then click Save.

Please then go to the Modules page, click Verify All, then restart the player.

Please let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards,


Hi Farez,

Thank you for your support.

Unfortunately, the same status persists after ticking [Clearing Cached Data] checkbox, Verifying All and restarting the player. By the way, I installed a trail copy on my mobile and I am getting a similar status indicating missing dependencies.

Dear Frayzer,

My apology for mistyping your name

Hi Frayzer,

Do you have any news regarding my issue with the Android player?

Dear Frazer,

Again my apology for mistyping your name. I must remember it well from now on.

To the community,

I posted my last feed back informing that the Android player is responding with status “Missing dependencies …”.

Yet, I have not received any reply or clue on how to fix this problem, after following Frazer’s suggestion.

I reallyh ope some will help or at least respond.

Please can you try uninstalling and reinstalling the player?

Please let me know how it goes.

Kind Regards,


Same messages;
At CMS side status is “Display is downloading files”
At Player side status is “Player is missing dependencies”

I have noticed that there is an issue with your CMS - you should not need to put /web at the end of the URL, if you have this at the end of your URL it suggests that the CMS is not set up correctly. Please refer to the prepare your environment guide, available at the following link, to ensure your CMS is set up correctly:

Please let me know if you still have a problem once this is done.

Kind Regards,


We brought another laptop and started every thing from scratch but, again we stuck with ZeroMQ and no matter how we struggle nothing happens.

Strangely, in the previous trial, when we press Next in the install page we used to get rubbish of multiple “install” word added to the url. Now we get a different message! I really wonder why this issue is not addressed directly by Xibo.

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