No-contact meeting call screen/display immediate messages

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I’m unsure of where to find this information. I am running Xibo 2.35, but cannot find the revision number.

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Xibo client V2 R254.1(Windows)


I’m brand new to Xibo and digital signage in general, so bear with me.

I’ve completed some of the tutorials and done a bit of searching but cannot find the answer to my question. Maybe I’m looking with the wrong terms, but here’s what I need:

I have Xibo running on a virtual machine on a server through Hyper-V. No problems there, I can log into the web portal and get my media/layouts displayed on the clients.

What I need is a way for my end users to quickly modify what is displayed in a content region(the top ticker region in the screenshot I’ve attached, to the right of “Please come to the Trustee’s Office for your No-Contact meeting”. I have a layout for calling customers from the waiting room to the contact-limited meeting room. What I really need is an input webpage with some editable text boxes, or a text file in a directory I can modify on the server and have them displayed.

I modified the default template as a temporary setup, and will cleanup the layout and resolve wording and placement with the client once I can verify functionality.

This is for a trustee’s office trying to maintain social distancing for COVID. The issue for me seems to be how to allow my user to quickly change a number in a pre-setup region, without access to anything else in Xibo.

Is this possible?

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