No buttons on the top bar

I’m using the latest build of Android player on a HK1 Mini 2GB/16GB Android 9

  • Chipset RK3229 Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A53
  • GPU Penta-Core Mali-450 até 750 MHz +
  • SDRAM 16 GB DDR3
    Everything runs smoothly but even though i get the top bar, there’s no settings or any other button on the right top corner.
    Also I’m affraid that if i set the app to be the home app, i’ll lost the capability of setting another wifi network, for example.

Thank you for your message. The behaviour you are describing has also been seen by other users of Android Smart TV boxes on occasion. Unfortunately this is likely to be an issue related to the devices as opposed to the Player itself.

Some Users in the past have found that uninstalling the Player then reinstalling has resolved the issue but this is not guaranteed. If the issue is not resolved by reinstalling the Player, you may need to find an alternative hardware solution that does allow you to access those options.

Many Thanks.

Hello Dan and all readers!
I found the solution for this (at least as far as this device is concerned)
In Android settings, cheked the app and along with permitions, force stop, etc, there’s an option named Ui Mode. I’ve changed it from TELEVISION to NORMAL and i can now see all the options :smiley:
Thanks and a happy new year fro everyone!

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Thank you josuebatista, this is very helpful and definitely something I will make a note of that and ask other users with the same issue to look for an option like this.

Even if this is not a universal fix, I’m glad you were able to resolve the issue!

Many Thanks.

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