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We use the TV: 49UH5F-HJ, Firmware 03.15.40, WebOS 4.0.1, Player 2.205. I would like to upgrade the WebOS version (according to the matrix, version 3.18.20 is the newest), but I can’t find the download. Even on the pages of LG, this can’t be found so far. Do you have the download for this?

Kind regards.

Hi Vinnce,

I have sent you a private message with a link and instructions you can use to upgrade your UH5F to the latest firmware. Please note that the firmware EPKs are not publicly available, which is why I have sent you the link privately. If you require firmware for your webOS devices in the future, please open a ticket on the help desk and we can provide it for you.

Xibo Help Desk link

This of course applies to all of our webOS customers, if you require a firmware update please let the help desk know.

Many Thanks.

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