Newest recommendations for Xibo players



I am looking for the best practices for Xibo players.
I prefer android box (because I’ve heard dongles overheat very fast), with relatively new Android version, Ethernet port is a must, sd card port, min 2GB RAM, min 32GB storage.
I saw android boxes with 3G/4G slot as well, so do you have any experience with such devices, and can you recommend any?
Price should not exceed 100$.

Thank you in advance


Our recommendations are here Recommended Android Hardware

I’m of course happy for Xibo community members to share their experience with other devices in this topic.


Thank you Peter. Do you maybe have experience with Xibo devices using 3G/4G, besides WiFi/Ethernet?


If you are interested, we have good experiences with intel and Azulle sticks with 3G
Please contact me


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