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hi,currently we expanding our company and we need to add a few more tv and we need to buy new tv…but the new tv this day is the google tv one…i dont know if it can support xibo for android or not…has anyone got the experience installing xibo on the google tv?

thank you

Hi @butaw_duck

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For this moment, Xibo Android cannot be installed on Android TV.

We recommend using a screen already compatible with Xibo, LG or Sansung from Digital Signage.

Alternatively, use an Android box, such as the DSDC9X: DSCS9X Android Media Player | Xibo Digital Signage

You can use whatever your preferred method of installing apks is, (adb usb/ethernet) or one of those transfer apks to your device similar to firestick, run the installer and you’re good to go. My particular tv isn’t rooted so you can’t do shell commands, but everything else works well. Player version 404

Hope this helps.

Did you manage to install the Xibo APK on Android TV?
Good news.

Does the player launch when Android boot?

I tried a few years ago, without success.
So I’m going to try again.

Thanks for the feedback @Jon_Knowles :wink:

I’ve not tried installing on a Google tv, just on android tv. I’m not sure if there is a difference or not.

As far as auto launching, if I have the display on an input then it doesn’t launch, but if I leave it on Android TV, then xibo does start soon after the TV boots.

Not many of the SOC can handle two playlists of videos side by side without some kind of negative impact. If it’s a single video, image or html playback is smooth, when multiple videos come up the SOC’s I’ve tried all crap out and give black spaces at the end.

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