Newbie question - use Windows or Android sticks

After some digging on this forum, I want to buy one of the following sticks:

Lenovo Ideacentre Stick 300 - Windows
MINIX NEO G4 Android TV - Android

Since we might install hundreds, how to clone the sticks is very important. Please advice Windows client or Android client is suitable for a mass deployment.

Please also comment the quality of this 2 sticks. Especially WiFi performance.
Thanks in advance.


Almond Wong

We haven’t test them, so it’s hard for me to say anything about their performance, perhaps someone from community did test them and will be able to prove some feedback.

In any case, you might want to purchase 1 of each and test it in your environment with your content to see if you’re happy with them before committing to a larger quantity.

Regarding cloning installations, in both cases it will probably cause the hardware key to be identical, which means you will need to alter the config file / player options and adjust it so it’s unique - I added a new Player and it went straight to “Display is active and ready to start”? I’m using an imaged/cloned version of Windows and all my Players show up as the same display in the Xibo CMS?

here you can find feature comparison table -

Another thing to keep in mind is, Xibo for Android is our commercial player, which means you will need Xibo for Android licence for each player - £15 per licence, per device.

The main thing regards the Intel-based sticks I’ve found so far is that they’re thermally challenged. They will work, unless they get a little hot (eg. in direct sunlight) and then they start crashing. They also got a very tiny fan which is very whiny when it kicks in.

I’ve run into a bit of an issue regards the GPL with MINIX devices so I no longer recommend them although their hardware is good, they illegally refuse to release the modifications they make to the Linux kernel to make their hardware work, one of their forum moderators has quoted me $2000 to make the modifications on my behalf.

Anything currently based on Amlogic S912 is also running too hot and crashes. It seems the S905 is better at this point although slightly slower. I’ve ordered now from another company (ODROID C2) which does have the GPL sources available to their Android builds and I’ll be testing that upcoming week.

There are various Intel TV boxes based around Atom and Celeron which is what some of the recommendations run. I don’t think a stick is large enough to handle the heat load, a well designed box probably is.