Newbie question - Android pen PC as Xibo client

Want to use an Android pen PC as Xibo client. Anybody has experience ?

Found one MK809V using RK3229, is it good enough for Xibo ?

Thanks for your help.


Almond Wong

I’m sure someone from the community tried it and will be able to say more about this device.

I’d say you can try it, just perhaps purchase one and test it before committing to a larger number.
It will also depend on the kind of content you will want to display on it.

It’s not on our recommended android devices list, so we obviously don’t recommend it, but as I said it’s cheap so you can try it.
In general those cheap devices have a lot of issues, overheating/crashes playback problems etc so if you wish to stick with it feel free to do so, just please test on one device before you buy more of them.

I have used a similar player, the MK808B+ player which is great value. So far so good - it passed our tests. Not the fastest thing in the world, but runs Xibo fine, has Wifi and HDMI output.

As these players are built for home cinema, they don’t rotate to portrait orientation natively, but you can download free utility apps on Google Play to do this.