New with Xibo and Xibo on Android


First, I’m new to Xibo.
Currently I have Showpoint with a powerpoint presentation. So i’ll show my sponsors on 50" TV.

From now on I want to use android and not a computer. Can I upload powerpoint somewhere, if the file changes, then automatically Xibo applied the new file?

If I order for $ 15 for android, what do I get?

Kind regards,

If you want to use powerpoint on android, then you’d need to save your presentation as video first and then use video module in Xibo to display it on your android device.

Alternatively if you want to show the .ppt/.pptx PowerPoint files then you’d need Windows PC with PowerPoint installed and use Xibo for Windows to show them.

Xibo for Android is our commercial player, therefore it does require a paid licence, unlike Xibo for Windows which is released under AGPLv3 open source licence. Also it’s £15/$21 + VAT (if applicable) to be precise.

Xibo for Android also comes with built-in 14 days trial licence, which means you can test it before you purchase the licence.

Thanks, Peter.

Currently, I save the powerpoint file, the screen changes automatically. Now, after each change, I have to convert the file to a video file. I get it. Thank you