New (unofficial) player implementation for Linux

Hello all,

after some problems in our deployment of the Linux player and realizing that it was basically unmaintained, I spent a bit of time to implement a similar player for Linux. It is of course not quite as complete as the existing one, and covers what we need currently. You can have a look here:

The main differences, apart from the implementation language, are:

  • All content is shown from a single webview, with HTML generated from the XLF, and JS glue code
  • Focus on automated deployment, running without desktop environment: no additional user interface for options etc.

I want to make clear that I’m not trying to take over the “official Linux player” status of the existing project, and I won’t be able to support this on my own for a big community. I’m merely showing it here in case anybody is interested in trying it out, or collaborating. I hope the README covers getting started well enough.

Firstly i’d like to say thank you for sharing, its always great to see people in the community integrating and extending Xibo onto other platforms, or adapting for their use cases! I hope Arexibo is useful to a wider audience!

You’re certainly not wrong - we’re having problems maintaining this code base, as you can see here:

We have had a little bit of movement recently, and these two issues are being worked on in an effort to lower the barriers to entry for contribution and our own dev team working on the project:

Thanks for including this statement, we have had instances in the past where people have used/paid for applications which look like Xibo but are not anything to do with the core software.

My only suggestion beyond what you’ve already done is to replace the splash screen and logo to be something non-Xibo specific. We have some guidelines on logo usage here: Can I use the Xibo name/logo? | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

If you need help to understand how Xibo works beyond the docs, or if the docs aren’t clear, please do reach out in the development category and we will try to help.


Thanks Dan, that’s fair, I will swap out the splash screen and remove the Xibo logo from the app logo.


At first, thanks for your new player. Is will test it.

However, I have a question: Is it possible run more than one instance for running multiple displays? I can’t do it (or I don’t know how to do) with official player, even snap permits installing more instances, but it doesn’t run.

Would you like explain that? Is it possible with your new player? What are the steps?