New to Xibo Fresh Install & Configurations

Hi All,

I am completely new to Xibo I came across this software from a friend of mine and he said it is really good.

For all the people that use Xibo is it as good as pickcel?
I have used pickcel cloud display and it is super easy to use hopefully Xibo is easy to use aswell.

In regards to the install is it only for the Docker? or can you install it natively on Linux or Windows?

If so what is better? Linux or Windows is better? I’m not the best on Linux i’m just learning it still.

I’m thinking of going down the path of selling cloud display offerings to my customers for digital menus, digital videos, and digital signage. what do you think would be the best option?

How does the licencing work with Xibo?

Has any one got any live showcases of how Xibo is being used?

I have cloud servers for VoIP and other Open source Software’s running really cool features and functions was wondering how I could make Cloud Display / Cloud Signage a thing aswell.

Is the install hard? is there like a video or step by step guide?
What do you recommend? what is the maximum amount of screens you can run off one VPS Server?

Is there a portal for Customers to log in aswell and update there own screens?
Or is it just me who has access to the portal and I upgrade what I want on the different screens?

Hope some one with more knowledge can assist me.
Thanks team looking forward to a response soon.

Provide screenshots where possible!

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