New to Xibo, best way to scale the platform Multiple Servers/Partners (Clients)

Hi I have seen multiple questions asking about the requirements to support X amount of players and the answer seems to be the same, setup a server, perform testing and determine what the load will be for 10 stations in your environment and then multiply the numbers.

My question is what are your recommendations for scaling the Xibo Servers and database to support however many number of players you need, as the traffic increases. Also it seems the XMR Server is a bottleneck for you as there can be only one server supporting this per X number of CMS servers. Is this true and if so how do you scale he XMR?

Also, if you want to support multiple clients with their own area for players, access, media, etc, does this require a completely seperate CMS/Database environment.

Does Xibo, support scaling containers using Swarm or Kubernetics?

I am assuming I can use NGINX Load balancers to frontend the CMS Servers, is there any reason why multiple Load Balancers cannot be used to frontend multiple client CMS environments on different ports?

What are your recomendations for creating a High-Availability environment for both Xibo Servers and the Database servers.

Has anyone integrated any third-party applications using Machine Learning with the Xibo platform for displaying layout/content based on decisions from the learning process?

Thank you,
Kyle Gordon

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