New project ahead, player and resolution question

Hi there,

I have a few customers on our self-hosted Xibo CMS, and there we use the DSCS9 for a few years now. That’s fine.

Now I want to set a a new instance for a customer; we need new displays and most of the 55" you buy now have already 4k resolution.
I did research here, and I did not find anyone that uses a higher resolution than HD. Is this right?
Also with webOS or Tizen I cannot use a higher resolution than HD? I do not want to play 4k videos, but text will be better (sharper) if I could use 4k.

Anyone here who use Xibo on 4k displays?

Thank you for your message. Xibo for Android and Windows can have a player window size set to any resolution you like, including 4K. You will find the settings in the Display Settings menu of your CMS when you edit the Android and Windows profiles. The settings are on the Location tab.

Xibo for webOS and Tizen both have a fixed player resolution of 1920x1080 but this could be increased in future releases.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for you quick answer.
As far as I found on this site, there are no Android players that can support these layouts then. Or was this an old information? Which hardware should I use?

The customer do not want to use Windows.

Thank you for your reply. I use the DSCS9 for testing, which upscales a full HD source to 4K. If you can find an Android device that supports native 4K, the player will work with that unit. I’m aware there are some posts in the Hardware channel that discuss 4K on Android devices, I would recommend taking a look to see if there are any models that would meet your requirements.

Many Thanks.

Hola, yo si he podido emitir en 4K usando uña Raspberry 4.

Funcionamiento muy correcto y sin ningún problema.

Please view recent topic Gerard-billebault on subject.
On Windows OS is possible to implement 4K display not possible on Android UHD player.
Is my expérience.

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