New PDF file once a week - automatic upload into active layout

once a week a single PDF file is being created (“report”), always same name.
Is it possible to upload/integrate that file automatically into the active layout?
We are using Cloud-CMS.
Thanks a lot.

Yes it is possible. You can replace media files through the API and set updateInLayouts to 1, in the API request. I’ve had success with this approach. You’ll have to keep track of the mediaIds so that you’ll always replace the correct file. Every request needs to have the oldMediaId (the id for the file to replace). Succesful replace will return the mediaId and you’ll have to store it for later use every time you replace a media file (write it to a json file for example). This has to be done because the mediaId is not static. It doesn’t stay the same. I’ve tested this with image and video files, but it shouldn’t matter. I got it working with CMS version 2.0.0^.

I used a file watcher program to detect if a file gets changed, and if it does I used the API calls to upload the updated file to CMS. But if you’re only uploading it once a week and you know the approximate time, then you can just write a program which uploads the file at the specified time.

API reference: