New installation

I have a new installation using the current version of the Xibo CMS and player. I have the CMS on an Ubuntu server, and it is run through docker. I can connect to the CMS with no problem through a web browser. When I download the client software on a Windows 10 machine I can install it with no problem. I enter the correct IP adress for the server, and the server key. I leave the library location at default. The player connects to the server and I authorize it. However on the client I only get the Xibo splash screen. When I hit i to get the info it shows at the top that it is getting a 404 error from the server when trying to download the files it needs. Since I am running in docker, is there any else I need to do so that the client can download the files it needs? Thanks.

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Is the entry for the Player on your Displays menu showing as a tick? Is the last accessed entry updating inline with the collect interval? If the Player is remaining connected to the CMS and file downloads are showing as 404’s, try clearing the cache in the first instance.
After checking the above and the issue still persists, take a look and see what is showing on the status screen of the Player (by pressing i)

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