New Install (CMS 2.3.5) - Layout Widgets Broken (Can't Publish)


I’ve installed a fresh copy of the CMS version 2.3.5 on Windows 10 with a custom installation using xampp. Everything seemed to be going fine until after I created a layout. The initial creation went fine and then I decided to leave and come back. Once I logged back in and clicked on the layout (in design mode) this happened (1st screenshot). Basically, all the widgets don’t work anymore (this was not the case when I initially created them) and when I want to publish, this is the status (2nd screenshot - This Layout is invalid and should not be scheduled), and it keeps throwing these errors which have to do with the images in my sub-playlists (3rd screenshot). I even went into Administration -> Settings and changed the Resize Limit to something like 20000 pixels. It looks like regardless all images are “pending conversion” or are “too large”. I have one player connected to this layout and have a scheduled event for it (even the scheduler is acting strange though - when you click save, the cog just continues to spin, but after you close it it saves regardless). Maybe I’m just used to version 2.0.3 which is where I’m coming from. Are there some settings I’m missing? I know in version 2.0.3 there was no Resize Threshold or Resize Limit. I would really appreciate some help.

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You need to put the settings for the resize limit and threshold back to how they were, and ensure that you have setup XTR to be run regularly. Once that is being run, check the status of the image resize task.

It is important that you don’t alter the threshold / limits without also adjusting your PHP memory limits as that causes the task to crash and the images will not ever resize.

Thank you for your response. Is it new to setup XTR on this version (2.3.5)? I never set that up on 2.0.3 previous to this and never had issues like this. Also, I have setup XTR to be run regularly on this new install (2.3.5) and I’m still getting the same errors/same behavior as you see in the screenshots. Additionally, when I click on my media library nothing shows up, but there is content there in the library location. I’m not sure what to do.

XTR has been required since the start of the 1.8 series, the only difference now is you’re seeing directly the results of it not being run since there’s no other process that will do that conversion.

First in tasks check that your image resize task is being run properly. Assuming it is, and it’s not in an error state, then try replacing one of your files that hasn’t converted with a new copy - ensuring it’s less than 6000 pixels on its longest edge.

If that then works as expected and is resized, then simply replace all your other images in the same way.

If it doesn’t then you’ll need to look at why. I’d say the most likely candidate is that your PHP memory limit is set too low. The container we ship is set for 256M so I’d make sure you have at least that amount configured - assuming you’ve put the settings back to their defaults for limit and threshold as Natasha suggested. Otherwise if you’ve increased those then you’ll need exponentially more RAM the higher those numbers go.

In terms of the media library not loading, that sounds like either a bad installation (eg where you have web in the URL you use to access the CMS) or perhaps a database deadlock. Looking at the log page will give you an idea as to what is going on.

Thank you for the response. I’ve done all that you’ve said and honestly now, I’m just frustrated so I’ve just opted to go back to 2.0.3 which has been successful and has the functionality that my organization needs anyway. I just thought I’d try to upgrade, but it seems like I’m running into too many snags that I don’t have time or the patience to work on. But thanks anyway.

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