New DSCS9 Player and CMS Time


Hi There,

I purchased a couple of DSCS9 Android Players.
they seem to work fine but I run into on littele issue.

The device should be rooted of the shelf.
Entering the setup It states I am root…

The App now should be able to get the Time from the CMS.
But it does not seem to do so.

With my previous devices after starting the APP the first time after rooting it I got the message that Xibo was asking for permission to get access to the Time function.
Not on this device though.

I have set the CMS time config in the Android Settings file.
And viewing the device settings it say’s the CMS time setting is ‘1’


We’ve identified an issue with the way we set time (Android changed the command in 6.0+) which means the command is being run, but is incorrect and therefore doing nothing.

We have recorded a :bug: report for it and will fix the issue in 1.8R104 - hopefully early next week.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


Thanks Dan,

A good argument to do an update then.
We are still running 1.7.8

Kind regards


Hi Dan,

Is it possible to upgrade from 1.7.9 directly to that version?

Kind regards


You can run Xibo for Android 1.8 R104 against a 1.7.9 CMS, although there might be a cost implication to that as 1.7 -> 1.8 is a licence upgrade.

You can see how many upgrades you have for your Android licences by logging into and viewing your Android licence pools.

If you did want to upgrade the CMS also, you can go from 1.7.9 to the latest CMS (1.8.5) in one step, but please do read the release notes



I thought you where referring to the CMS version 1.8

But I’m lost a bit now.
What exactly do you mean with the ‘Cost’ implication.
Whe purchased a couple of new devices (DSCS9) They are new and Licensed with version 1.7.
At least that is what I see in the License pool.
Ar you telling me I have to pay for an upgrade to 1.8 to solve a bug related to this particular device?

That besides the fact that I have to pay for License upgrades in the first place.
There is no information on the available xibo pages about this policy.

And the Terms page is not available at all. This gives me an error 404


I know nothing about how long you’ve had these devices or what you’ve purchased - if you’re unsure what you’ve purchased you can open a ticket on our help desk quoting your licence pool email address and we can look up these details.

If you purchased these devices recently you should have the 1.8 Xibo Player installed and 1.8 licences for that - you can therefore upgrade to R104 and have the bug resolved as mentioned before. If these are recent purchases and you have 1.7 installed, then you should query this with DSDevices.

If you’ve got 1.7 licences and these are not a recent purchase then there is an upgrade fee to go to 1.8 as per our licence agreement. It may be that we back-port the fix to a 1.7 player release at a later date.

In general you can find the Android EULA here:

Our policies on Android licensing are very clear - see Licencing your Xibo for Android Display

I hope this is useful.

As a side note 1.8 R104 is available for download now.


Thanks Dan,

They where delivered last week.I unboxed the first ones end of last week. They came running 1.7 R61 out of the box.

I encouter a coupple of issues with them. Besides the release issue.

  1. After power down the device seems to lose the settings. Date/Time are set to a default 2015 time 1h AM.
  2. The BT settings are switched on automatically.
  3. The devices power down every 4 hours. Thus loosing the time as well

The item under #1 makes the devices more or less useless for us.
We are not connecting them to plain internet for security reasons
A reset of the time causes an issue connecting to Secure pages (Https). The certificate does not match with the 2015 date.
Therefore the device will not be able to connect to the CMS after a power down.


The DSCS9 doesn’t have a real time clock, so it will loose date and time when powered off. They set their time automatically from the network, or from the CMS automatically when they start up.

If they’re a recent purchase, then it’s likely that they are licenced for 1.8, but DSDevices will be able to confirm. In which case, all you need to do is install 1.8 R104 on them and the licence will upgrade automatically.

DSDevices will need to work through the other two issues with you.


Thanks Alex,

But as stated,
I can not connect to the CMS using https because the time is invalid.
I first need to set the time. after that I can connect.

I guess we need to go back to Minix or another of the shelf device.

Kind regards


You will find that most devices do not have a RTC on board.

I assume your device will be connected to a network of some sort? Are you planning on having a time service on that network? If so - you could configure the DSDevice to use your local network time service instead.


Thanks Dan,

But the other DS device (DSCJ18) apparently does have RTC.
50/50 chance there within your preferred devices. Would have been nice to have the info in the spec’s

But that is not even the main issue here. It just popped up because the devices Auto switch off constantly. We have not been able to pin point the when and why but it would have been nice to get some sort of Support on it, in stead of denial.

Any way
We decided to stop experimenting and to return the devices.
Even for the return we are being charged now.
This is a real rip-off.

Kind regards.


I’m sorry you feel we haven’t supported you adequately.

It’s not our experience that the devices power off. I have seen a scenario before where the device is being told to power off via the HDMI cable. You can prevent that by disabling the CEC control in the device settings. That will cause it to reject command signals received over the HDMI cable.

I will certainly add a note to the recommended hardware guide indicating that there is no real time clock, however, it’s not possible for us to include an exhaustive list of things a given device doesn’t have. In most scenarios, the device is able to synchronise from a time server either on the network locally, or from internet time. You’ll find the vast majority of Android devices available will act that way. The J18 is unusual in that given it’s essentially a small Intel PC, it does have RTC functionality.


I will add my apologies - it was not my intention to deny there is an issue or to offer bad support. Your other topic regarding the devices switching off is still open - and as I said you are welcome to use the commercial help desk where we can look up details of your licensing, etc.

I’ve taken a read through my replies and I am not sure what I would say differently if faced with the same question again - if you have any suggestions for us please feel free to PM them or air them here.



I will have a look at cec settings Monday.
And sorry for adressing the frustrations and cynicism at you.
Device Lead times of three weeks and a vendor pointing at the software does not help.
I’m very happy with xibo itself and the support I have had on it so far.


Great, thanks for the feedback - we will have a chat with DSDevices and see if anything can be done to improve the experience. If its OK, we will pick up the powering off question in your other topic.

In summary regarding the time issue in a local network without internet access, your options are:

  • Run the CMS over HTTP (if your local network is secure, then this might be fine) and tick “Use CMS time” in the settings
  • Run a NTP time server on the local network and use a 3rd party app to configure the Android device to use that time server

The BT settings are switched on automatically

We will also take a look at this too.


This does indeed appear to be the case - although discover-able is set to off. We will raise this with the vendor as an improvement idea for future firmware (so that it defaults to the last selected value).

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