Need to modify registerDisplay API

Hi Peter,

I wanted to change the registerDisplay API with below requirements (if there is already some alternative, kindly send same)

  1. I want to send the resolution of the device getting attached during registerDisplay API call. So that, when I authorize the display on CMS end, I can keep that info
    That way its easier to keep mapping of device along with its resolution.
    (right now mapping of resolution only available at layout level. Until and unless I don’t map the layout to the device while scheduling, its tough to know what device has which resolution)

  2. Also, I want the registerDisplay API to send device name automatically. Say if it is a samsung galaxy tab, it should send the same , and make an entry in the display page (right now an entry is made for every device with name “Android Device”. When there are going to be multiple devices, it will be tough to know which is which device.


You’re free to make those changes if you want.

Personally, I’d record the display resolution manually when you add the display in one of the custom fields we provide in the display record. The Player doesn’t send the resolution so you’d have to make changes to the Players to to have that work.

For the name, you can simply change the name when you authorise the display. You don’t want to leave them all called Android as you say, because that’s very confusing.

When you edit the display to authorise it, you just enter whatever name you want to use. The Player won’t change it back again!

This makes more sense.
I see here that : there are multiple (overloaded) registerDisplay methods that also take the name of the display in one of the parameters. So I can just call one of these registerDisplay and it will automatically call the overloaded one ?

There’s different versions of the Soap service depending on the schema version of XMDS the Player supports. They aren’t overloaded as such. You’d need to pass the appropriate XMDS version parameter to get passed to the appropriate implementation of XMDS.