My 4k layout displays in 1080

I cannot seem to get a 4k layout to change the resolution of my CDE5510 it seems to always want to display them at 1080 resolution meaning I only see 1/4 of my layout

I know see the whole layout but my display and xibo tell me it is displaying in 1080 and the image is poor.

Does your device support 4k resolution? (both the monitor and the device on which you have xibo player installed)

Do you have the resolution set in Display profile assigned to your device in CMS?
if it is set to 0 and 0 (default - detect resolution) then that would imply 1080 is the resolution your device outputs at the moment - if the device supports it you can change the resolution in its settings.

You can also try to force 4k by setting it in the display profile in CMS, however if your device can’t output that resolution then it won’t work.

I have tried setting the resolution to 4k Cinema, and 4k UHD in the profile. I also tried changing the Display profile as you suggested. to no avail. I do not think it is a problem with Xibo.

I do not think their integrated SoC will output 4k to the display. It seems limited to HDMI only.

This is what I received from Viewsonic after reaching out to them.

"Hello Liam,

As per our phone conversation, upon further research with our product managers, it was advised the CDE5510 panel will support 4K resolution as long as the application being used is coding the content as H.264 @30fps Max Bit Rats 135Mbps or H.265 at 60@fps Max Bit Rats: 100Mbps.

If the application being used is not coding the file at that supported file type, the panel will not be able to decode it."

Thanks for your help.

Could you please clarify for me how do you have that all set up please?

ie Do you have some other device Windows/Android with Xibo player installed on it connected to that screen, or were you able to somehow install Xibo player directly on the TV?

In first case, assuming that you do provide 4k layout, with 4k content on it, with 4k resolution set in display profile and that this external hardware can send 4k content to the TV I’d expect the TV itself to show that lot correctly - ie your TV in this case just outputs the content from a device connected to it.

However if Xibo player is somehow installed directly on the TV, then I’m afraid I’m not sure how will that work, as that’s not something we’ve tested.

Only System on a chip that we did test is the LG signage screens running webOS, but that does require a special Xibo player version (Xibo for webOS).
With that, current webOS actually does not support applications running 4k content/resolution (it will in webOS 5.0), I wonder if it could be similar case here.

We are using the integrated SoC. As for how Xibo works, besides the 4k issue it seems to work as intended, though I believe I do run into some scaling issues at times.

After speaking with Viewsonic it does seem the integrated SoC does not really support 4k as they have come out and said 4k is HDMI only though their are some “workarounds”. Though they did mention a possible updated firmware to address it.

I do believe I am using Xibo in an unsupported way all around as I run it on the integrated to display Microsoft SSRS reports on an Android player which requires a “proxy” for authentication.