Muti displays, different resolution

Player Version

Version 4 R402.1


I am trying to get a meeting room display to run a xibo player on a second display. The primary display is a TV running 4k, the second is 1080. They are in a regular primary left secondary right configuration with the right display in the default middle position in the windows display configuration. I have configured the applied profile location to 1920x1080 size, and then 3840 left coordinate, 0 top coordinate, hoping that it puts the player soundly in the right coordinate. Testing a similar setup with regular 1080 displays works exactly as intended. There seems to be a hiccup when the primary monitor has a different resolution than the second. The player opens, and does not show on the screen. I am assuming it is in a pixel space that simply does not exist between my two monitors. I am not sure why however, if the monitor is the default side by side configuration in windows, that would put my 3840 x 0 location as possibly starting above the second monitor, but still enough in view that I would see some of the player. I instead see none of the player.

Has anyone tried and succeed to have a different resolution multiple display configuration?

Did you solve this issue? I am currently having a similar issue.

I think. not sure since i stopped working with windows versions, top 0 and left 0 is always left-up in the corner, same for the second display. Maybe if you align those displays on the top, it will work better?

Have you tried with a second player?