Multiple Windows Installations

Hi guys,

I am desperately trying to follow this guide

but for the life of me I cannot seem to make it work right.

This PC has 3 HDMI outputs and sees 3 different monitors.

At point 5 where I am to write an o into my target field it always gives an error code “The name in target is invalid, please make sure the path and data name is valid”
If I leave the o out it always starts the main xibo player.

Has someone tips for me?

Thank you very much in advance.

Update: I worked out, that I have to enter a space before the o and now I am a step further ahead.

I followed the instruction and I get a second screen opening up on the second monitor.

It disappears after about 1 minute (just closes) and doesn’t download the layout I assigned it.

Update 2: The second player starts up again after another minute or so but still closes after a minute. Kind of an alternating pattern of opening/closing.

Update 3: I installed a third player and now all the players are doing this weird start/close thing every 30 seconds or so.