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I try to setup up one PC with 2 Xibo clients(and monitors). It is all working expept that the clients open on one monitor and i want it to open on seperate monotors. I followed this but now result . I’ve got two monitors (1920x1080) . I’ve made 2 profiles in Display settings 1 = Widht 1920 Height=1080 top=0 left=0 Displa settings 2 Widht=1920 Height-1080 top=0 left=1920. But still it isnt’t working what a’m i doing wrong Thnx for the help Rob

Are you using WINDOWS players?..if yes, on the windows, go into your display settings and check if you see 2 monitors there. it should be numbered 1 and 2…click on IDENTIFY to see which of your 2 screens is 1 and which is 2. if 1 is your PRIMARY screen and 2 is EXTENDED…because you used LEFT= 1920 and not -1920 (watch out for -) the screen output from xibo player maybe hidden…

Try switching monitor 1 to the right, so that monitor 2 is left then save the display setting on your widows and then relaunch xibo player again. remember to create 2 separate LAYOUTS…example XIBO ROCKS 1 and XIBO ROCK 2…set display profile for XIBO ROCKS to the SECOND PROFILE aka DISPLAY SETTINGS 2, save it and then you should see both screens

it doesnt matter if you put screens side by side or wall a and wall be in the same room

Thanx for the reply Aponkye. Yes we are using windows players… When we manually start the client it woks good but we placed a shortcut in the startup folder and the its going wrong

It looks like the screen doesn’t get its profile. Is ther a way to see if it is (or isn’t)

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