Multiple layouts vs. one layout with region playlists

We just start using Xibo, so have some begginers question.

We would like to show some text which will change every two minutes.
Idea is that one layout have three regions. Each region would have text widgets: one for title, and two others for some content.

Every two minutes we would like to display new title and new content (in total 20 of them).
So, is it better to make 20 different layouts and put it in one campaign, or make just one layout (with three regions) and put 20 different region playlists?

Can you explain us which way is better and why?

You can put multiple widgets in a Region which will then cycle through and show for the specified duration.

Here I have 2 text widgets in the same Region with differing text in the second text widget

Both have a duration of 5 seconds (which can be overridden by clicking in the Set a duration tick box and providing a time in seconds). This means that the first text widget will show for 5 seconds before moving onto the next widget and display for 5 seconds. If this Layout was scheduled for one hour each Widget would continue to cycle for that hour.

Take a look at our manual page regarding the Timeline for more info.

We also have some walkthroughs here that you may find useful.

If you do have further questions regarding functionality then do come back to us.

Thank you