Multiple layouts one display


I supply the AV service in a hotel, as part of our service we supply Xibo for signage around the hotel.

The hotel manages the day to day scheduling of events.

I would like to be able to have alternating templates on the display in the lobby, one for the promotional layout I have created, and one with directional information, created by the hotel (updated daily).

I understand I could organize this within the one layout - however I’d rather not complicate things for the hotel staff, i need this to be as automated as possible.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Depending on how does that layout look like, perhaps yes.

Although, perhaps it would be better to leave their layout alone and create new layout with your promotional stuff.
Assuming that their current layout is set as a default layout on Xibo players, you’d simply schedule your promotional layout to display in specific time of the day - perhaps repeated each x minutes/hours.

You could also enable ‘Interleave default’ on Displays page, schedule your promotional layout to displays from date A to date B.
What that would do is:
Interleave default - it will add the default layout to the schedule
So it will play your promotional layout then the default layout then again your promotional layouts and so on.

If the information layout is not set as default, you could simply schedule both layouts (information and promotional) to display from date A to date B.

It all depends how often you want this promotional layout to be displayed.