Multiple datasets in v4.0.5 are syncing

Hi, I decided to upgrade my docker install to v4.0.5 from 3.x. Immediately I noticed datasets in my layouts broke. I have several layouts that have multiple datasets within them and that were not rendering. After some tweaking, I realized that they are being set to the same dataset, i.e. one dataset being replicated many times.

In a panic, I reverted back as there was no visible way of correcting this. Does anyone know how to create additional canvas so that I can have all my unique datasets render in the layout?


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Hi, thank you for posting.

Currently you can only have one data widget per Layout and are looking to address this in our 4.0.6 release where you will be able to add more than one.

Do take a look at our latest Inside Xibo post that details our key areas for improvements: Key improvements for 4.1

Thank you

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Thanks @natasha for links to the resources. I’ll keep an eye out for 4.0.6 as I’m keen on upgrading. Keep up the great work.

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4.0.6 has been released if you want to give it a go!

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