Multimedia is not shown

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CMS Version

Version 3.1.2 / Web Hosting

Player Type

Windows Player

Player Version



Library files are not shown. We have several files, but they don’t show up in CMS/Media.

But in the construction of the layout, they are already shown.

No problems in the players. I’ve tried on several browsers and computers.

Hi, try a cache clear and failing that use the Verify all button from the Modules page.

If that doesn’t resolve it, try logging in as another user and see if the issue is the same?

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately it didn’t work. :frowning:

Is the issue the same if you log in as another user?

Yes,The problem happens on all accounts, different browsers and on different computers. Is there any way to visualize some kind of error?
I installed version 3.1.0 from scratch on a web server and it was already happening. Now I upgraded to 3.1.2 and it continues to happen. Everything else works great.


I think I found the problem.

Any idea how I can resolve it?

You will need to speak to your host in that case.
The following linked article will give you a general idea of a solution:

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