Multi-day schedule across month boundary fails

i’ve come across a scenario where creating a recurring multi-day schedule fails to recognize the scheduled event when it’s rotation forces it to cross the month boundary.
To recreate:
Choose campaign/layout
From Schedule - Add Event - with the following timing details on the General tab:
Start Time: 2023-02-19 00:00
End Time: 2023-02-19 00:00
select campaign/layout
Display order:0
Priority: 0
Maximum plays per hour: 0
Check run at CMS time

On the Repeats tab:
Repeats: Weekly
Day(s): Sunday
Every: 5

Expected Behavior:
Event runs for 7 days every 5 weeks from start-date/time on repeat day.
Should be able to see event 26March thru 1April.
Should be able to see event 30April thru 6May.
Schedule is (correctly) visible 4June thru 10June.

Observed Behavior:
Schedule visible for 6 days on 26March thru 31March and not on 1April.
Schedule visible for 1 day on 30 April and not 1May through 6 May.
Schedule is (correctly) visible 4June thru 10June.

I have experienced exactly the same thing. And made a ticket for this.
There seems to be an issue if your schedule includes the last day of the month to the first day of the next month. In my case the schedule with no end time/date stopped on the first day of the new month. The next action in the schedule which does not run from the last day of the previous month runs fine.

Workaround for now is to schedule it until 23:59 and repeat this daily.

Developers are already working on it.