MS .net Framework Error

Hi all, I am trying to setup Xibo client on my machines. One machine is the server and another machine is the client that has the screen/display i am using. Installs went fine however when I launch the client I get this error. C:\Users\username\Documents\Xibo Library\backgrounds is denied. I can not seem to figure out what the error is. My machine does show up in the dash board but there is an Astrix under the status. Setup permission to Everyone. Could this be a windows user problem? Do I need to setup the Display/screen machine as a user on the server machine?

Thanks for the help

Is your user an administrator on the machine? It should not be required to use user account build on the server machine.

OK, Thanks. Ill try that.

Likely you don’t have access to write to that location for some reason. It could be a domain policy or similar preventing it or it could be filesystem permissions or corruption. You can configure a different local library folder for the Player to use somewhere else if you need to.

Note that the CMS and the Player must use different library directories (if you do install Player and CMS on the same machine).