Moving folders from root to sub-folder

Currently i have 100 folders in my root folder and I want to originize the folders into group and it would be great to add the function to move a folder from root to a sub-folder


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You can do that already in the CMS using the ‘with selected’ option at the bottom of grids.

Here I have filtered my Layouts for any that have ‘Layout’ in the name currently in the Root Folder, I can then click each Layout to select or us the Select All button at the bottom, then use the With Selected button next to it:

Select the Move to Folder option, expand the folder tree to select where you want to move them to, (you can also right click here and Create/Rename/Remove Folders if required):

And click to Save. Once saved you can close that window down.

Now when I click on the New subfolder folder, I can see my saved Layouts:

Thanks for the reply. What i want to move is the folder including its content (such as layout, display etc) into another folder.

Hi Natasha, did you see my question? Thanks

Hi Micke

I have noted this with the team for further discussion.

Thank you for posting

is their currently any work around for this as I currently have a problem where I have created a folder and filled it with content but i now need it in a different location in my folder structure but dont want to have to re_upload and recreate all my content

Move and Merge Folders from v3.2.0