Move Android license problem

I have several licenses for Android clients on same email. I took Android device for testing and put one of licenses to this device (1.72 cms and client). After check I removed 1.72 client, installed 1.74 client and changed to another CMS 1.74 with same email for licenses. In previous CMS (1.72) I removed this client-display and made “Licence Display? - yes” in new another CMS. When I check license on this client - it appear message “We did not find your email adress in our systems…”. I checked email adress on both CMSs - its correct. What I can to for change licence from one my CMS to another with same licensing email?

You need to log in to your Customer Portal account on the Spring Signage website and remove the old device licence you’re no longer using so that it can be claimed by your new device.

Yes, its working now! Thank you very much!

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