More Google slides issues - xibo android

Hi All,

I’m more of a stalker on here than a chatterbox.

I have read through some of the other posts in relation to google slides and not been able to resolve my issue where as some of you historically have.

first thing to state is that I’m running 1.7 build on android ds devices hardware.

second thing to state is that having tried the test slides here :

I have not been able to display this on my xibo box.

I have also tried creating some slides and embedding and also published as well as public with link.

nothing seems to show on the xibo box - mostly just a white square.

I have read up about the “options - open naively” but I do not see this on my 1.7 version - is this instruction related to version ?

should slides work without issue at the present time for 1.7 ?