Monitoring for Android

I am looking for a monitoring software for android, which allows to display in real time what is broadcast on the screens of a dynamic screen park.
I use DSDEVICES boxes.
A box use Android version 6.0.1. The second one uses Android 4.4.4.

Thanks for your help.

This might do what you are looking for.
I played around with their business version when it was in Beta. worked pretty well.

Ok Thank you very much.
I will try it.
But apparently i can use a monitoring soft just on the DSCS9 because the DSCJ18 is non-rooted.
Im not an expert in networks.

Do you think it is possible to use it on the DSCJ18 ?

Also, is it the same than Team Viewer?

Thank You oxbo.

Apparently Yes.

Can you confirm it ?

I don’t currently have an active account with them. I had used it while it was in beta for a while though.
I think it might work a little better than teamviewer, and I’m not sure about the price difference.
I’d say sign up for the free trial and put it on a test device to see how it operates for you!

maybe xibo and airdroid can get together and offer a packaged deal?

Hello Oxbo,

Thanks again for your help.

I have used Airdroid business, thats good i could detect the non rooted box.
But, I cant access it.
Normally, there are two steps.
1: activate the USB debuging by accessing to the development mode on the boxe.
2: connect the box on my computer by using a usb cable, a window should appears on my computer, to allow USB debuging, but no window appears.
Then I cant access to my box…but just showing it in the airdroid business…
Im trying to find a solution.
If you have any solution :slight_smile:

Thank you Oxbo.

I come back to give news, so I tested to connect the DSCJ18 to the airdroid but it does not really work after following the steps decreased by Aidroid, to enable debug mode, I don’t get the window RSA Key which is supposed to appear at the time of the USB connection.

I am blocked.

If one day someone falls by chance on these indications and knows the solution … :grinning:

I would get a hold of Airdroid’s support. perhaps it is a bug in their software?